We invite you to become a NextStep Bible College supporter to develop new pastors, church planters and servants equipped and sent for God’s kingdom. As a partner of the Bible School, you contribute to those who study at our school and who will one day become leaders and co-workers in our existing and new congregations.

Being a supporter of our school, you:
* are involved in the training of people upon whom God calls to the work of  his kingdom;
* support daily needs of the school like student accommodation, meals and mission to churches;
* help us build an innovative learning environment that nurtures the student’s personal development.

To become a NextStep Bible College supporter we ask you to fill out the support form.


To everyone who supports us for a year with 50 euros a month, will get a  week for free with exciting teaching, warm fellowship and great food. 
If you register as a supporter before the 31st of January 2019, you will participate in a lottery with different prices from the Bible College at stake!


You can support us financially by transfering to:

EE092200221064817908, SWEDBANK
Registration nr: 90013495


Thank you for your participation and support in making the Bible school!