The Bible school curriculum consists of the following courses:

Biblical studies: The students receives an introduction to and overview of the different books in the Bible, their historical background, and their implications and meaning for life today.

Christian lifestyle: Relationships, sex and money are just a few areas where people search for answers. A Christian perspective on such issues of daily life is offered to equip students to live to the fullest and to influence in all areas of life. Other topics included in this course are “Ethics” and “Self-Leadership”.

Theology: Why do we believe? What do we believe? The theology course deals with Christian doctrines and their application opportunities in the world today.

Ministry: The course equips students to build, lead and shape church and teaches them to do church in a contemporary and thoughtful manner for the purpose of bringing the gospel to the world.

Besides these courses, several topics are taught every week in the afternoons. These topics consist of Personal Development, Old Testament Survey, and Fellowship with God.


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